Victorian Conservatory Pictures by Lancaster Conservatories

Victorian Conservatory Pictures | Victorian Conservatory 3

The following Conservatory Picture is of a Lancaster Conservatories Victorian Custom Conservatory installed. This particular project called for a room width that was not standard so the answer was to remove one of the front panels of a Victorian F4 to get the necessary dimension. The room incorporates full height P2 panels and a 30 […]

Victorian Sunroom Pictures | Victorian Sunroom 2

The following are Sunroom Pictures of a Lancaster Conservatories Victorian F7 Sunroom installed on a concrete pad with footings. This particular project is on a corner lot in a beautiful historic neighborhood that needed to have a room addition that added character to the home. The Lancaster family room addition did just that. By using […]

Victorian Sunroom Pictures | Sunroom 1

The following Sunroom Pictures are of a Lancaster Conservatories Victorian F5-17 Sunroom installed. The sun room has been painted a two tone color combination to perfectly match the house and cedar shake shingles were installed to blend the two roof sections. Other features include the full height P1 window panels, a pair of French doors, […]