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Find out what separates Lancaster Conservatories and Sunrooms from the Competition.

Lancaster Difference

The Lancaster Conservatory Difference

Options are one of the key components in the Lancaster product lines. Everything from the configuration of the room, the color, four window styles, three roof options, right down to the decorative trim work, you have options. Options that will add comfort and beauty to your home.

Certainly you are looking for a Sunroom addition that will welcome guests with open arms, making them feel comfortable with a warm, rich and inviting atmosphere. Take some time to glance around your home and notice the furnishings you have selected to surround your family. Those items were selected, based on their ability to add comfort and beauty to your home.

It is important to consider beauty beyond the initial investment. You and your home deserve a beautiful room addition. Keep in mind that your Lancaster room addition will more than likely become the favorite room in your home.

Create Something As Unique as Your Are

Every home has its own personality, a personality that is a direct reflection of those living in it. Sunrooms and Conservatories should have their own unique personality; one that is easily modified to become a part of your family and home. In order to achieve such individuality, options must be available, both in form and function, that allows you to get creative in designing the Conservatory or Sunroom that is perfect for you.

Conservatory Comfort

ComfortDepending on the intended use of your new Sunroom or Conservatory addition, questions regarding the heating and cooling have probably crossed your mind. All Lancaster room configurations accept our fully insulated roof system that is installed on top of the hardwood rafter structure, leaving you with a beautiful insulated ceiling. In using our insulated roof option along with our standard Low-E, Argon insulated glass you will be able to condition the room year round for comfort.

Quality Craftsmanship

The truest testament to the quality of a room addition can be seen in the craftsmanship. All miters must be tight, all surfaces smooth, and only premium lumber used. All Lancaster hardwood has been carefully examined for any defects or warping, ensuring only the finest quality timber is used. Fasteners are hidden and windows and doors are trimmed out to eliminate visible joints. The Lancaster design gives a clean furniture grade finish.


Whether your plans are a gathering room for family holidays, a dining room with a view, or a much deserved end of the day retreat, the uses are endless. Whatever your plans call for, we are certain you will find many more reasons to spend time in your new favorite room.

Lancaster stylesStyle

With three room styles to choose from, increasing living space is easy. The design of your room addition can be customized for almost any home style, to make your dreams a reality. The distinctive look of wood will add value, unique elegance, and beauty to your home.

Why Wood?

Wood offers all of the important characteristics necessary when selecting a room addition; strength, durability, insulation and beauty to name a few. The most common question we hear is what about maintenance? When treated initially with a high quality exterior sealant such as lifetime paint, the maintenance should be little to none for many years. Plus wood can be painted any color or combination of colors imaginable. It is important to blend the sunroom or conservatory into the existing surroundings without looking like an afterthought.

Think green

Wood is a 100% renewable resource and requires only a fraction of the energy used to produce man-made materials. As mature trees are harvested new trees are planted. Our manufacturing process is ISO 14001 certified and virtually eliminates scrap. Even the sawdust is collected for use in making glue.

Good InvestmentA Good Investment

Chances are if you are planning on building a room addition your intentions are to stay in your current home for some time. If you do sell your home, studies show that a well built properly designed sunroom tends to help sell a home faster and for more money. Room additions typically appreciate in value over time in relation to the value of the rest your home. The best part of all is that you have the opportunity to enjoy your investment each and everyday. It’s much more relaxing then watching the stock markets.

Turn Someday Into Today

LancasterLancaster Conservatories draws on over 30 years of experience designing and installing sunrooms and conservatories that have become the favorite room in many homes. Now, we are ready to build your new favorite room. Let us spark your creativity, fuel your imagination, and help you turn your dream of a new living space into a reality.

The next step is to select the room that’s right for you. Or, simply give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your needs and make suggestions. Once you have made your selection, your room addition can be delivered in as little as a couple of weeks, ready to install. Installation time is about half the time it would take to build a similar custom addition.

Conservatories, Sunrooms, and Greenhouses by Lancaster Conservatories are designed for easy installation by a homeowner or builder