Conservatory Heating and Cooling

The following are some Heating and Cooling options for your Sunroom or Conservatory.

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Conservatory Heating and Cooling

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If your room is built as a Four Season Sunroom with an insulated roof, or existing roof, there are several different options for conditioning your room.

Conservatory Heating Only Systems:

  1. Base board heaters
  2. Radiant floor heat either water coil or electrical

Sunroom Heating and Cooling Systems:

  1. Tie into existing system in your home if the unit will accommodate the additional area
  2. Split heat pump system
  3. Through wall HVAC unit (similar to hotel units) also known as PTAC units
  4. Single room portable units available at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc.

In our experience we have found the Split Heat Pump System (#2) to be the most effective and most attractive overall system. Your local heating and air contractors should have a brand they carry and install.

Most municipalities do not allow Heating and Cooling systems in room additions unless the room components meet a certain level of insulation value. If you plan to condition your room for every day use you might want to start by checking local codes to assist in determining which roof structure is best for your application. Our goal at Lancaster Conservatories is to help you build a room that is used 365 days a year.