Step Three: Selecting a Roof System

The final step in Conservatory or Sunroom design is to choose a roof system.

Lancaster Conservatories Design Styles
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Lancaster Conservatories Step Three: Conservatory, Greenhouse, or Sunroom Roof System Options

The intended use of the room will help determine the roof system that is best for your sunroom or conservatory.

  1. Insulated Roof Panels – four season comfort
  2. Polycarbonate – three seasons
  3. Custom or existing – not supplied by Lancaster

Roof selection is probably the single most important decision you can make in regards to the usability of your room addition. Ask yourself what the intended purpose of the room addition is. If you plan on spending time in the room every day, no matter what the season, please read the following options very carefully.

Lancaster Conservatories Insulated Roof
1. Insulated roof panels supplied by Lancaster will give you the beautiful hardwood roof structure with an insulated roof system that is attached to the top of the rafters giving you an insulation value of R-15 to R-46 depending on your requirements. The higher the R-value the easier it is to keep the room conditioned in extreme temperatures. The exterior is a plywood sheathing ready for any roofing material i.e. shingles, copper, etc. The interior is a finish grade surface primarily consisting of a light grain wood surface allowing for any finish of stain or paint. Adjacent photo is simply a clear polyurethane finish coat which gives a striking light contrast to the dark hardwood rafters.

Lancaster Conservatories Insulated Roof
2. Polycarbonate roof panels are designed primarily for use in growing exotic plants and greenhouse applications. Polycarbonate does allow light through the panels and natural lighting is a benefit. Designed to be used only as a 3-season room with natural ventilation and little to no heating or cooling. Polycarbonate has similar insulating values as glass with out the weight and difficult installation.

Lancaster Conservatories Insulated Roof
3. Traditional truss or stick framing performed on site by builder. This application is used most if there is an existing overhang that is being enclosed, or the existing roof creates challenges that cannot be overcome by using our standard roof structure. In this situation we would provide all wall and window sections and the builder would be responsible for the entire roof structure.