Conservatory and Sunroom Windows

The following section covers the Sunroom Windows available for your new room addition.

Lancaster Conservatories Features

Sunroom and Conservatory Window Details

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The window panels make up the structural framework of the sunroom and conservatory walls in approx. 25" increments. Each window panel is individual, either operating or non-operating, and can be positioned in any combination you choose. We recommend that non-operating panels be placed against the house wall and also on both sides of the French doors. This eliminates interference when operation the windows and doors. All operating window panels come standard with removable screen. A good rule of thumb is to use half operating windows and half non-operating windows alternating every other one for good ventilation.

The P1 and P2 panels are full height panels offering floor to ceiling window options, whereas the P3 and P4 panels incorporate a 17-3/4” kneewall section below the window making it easy to accommodate electrical and cable along with a plant or drink ledge. The kneewall can be built from materials such as 2×4’s with siding, brick, stucco, etc.

In keeping with the traditional English design all Lancaster operating window panels open as awning style, hinged on top. Standard operating hardware is TRUTH crank operators, locking handles, and slide rails. Standard hardware color options are Stone and White, with several custom options available.

If additional wall height is desired a Clerestory (transom) window may be added above any of our wall panels extending the wall height an additional 19" giving an overall wall height of 8'8". The Clerestories / Transoms also come in operating and non-operating allowing for more ventilation if desired.

Lancaster Conservatories Sunroom and Conservatory Glass Specifications

All Lancaster Conservatories standard glass is safety tempered, Low-E coated with Comfort Ti-AC 36, and argon filled. The insulation values of our standard glass units are among the best in the industry, delivering summer u-value performance of a .26 and winter u-values of .31. The overall thickness of the insulated glass units is 1-1/8".
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