Planning for a Conservatory or Sunroom Addition

Lancaster Conservatories Planning
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Bringing Your Vision to Life

Turning your Sunroom vision into a reality is easy and fun, in fact you might even say it's a breeze. The items in the planning guide list the major factors that must be considered when building an addition. Once you have developed your Sunroom vision, we will coordinate with an Independent dealer or the builder of your choice to give you a comprehensive bid that includes everything in the planning guide as well as all steps required by local building codes to make your Sunroom vision a reality.

Room Addition Planning Guide:

  • Knee Wall (if using P3 or P4 panels)
  • Components supplied by Lancaster Conservatories, Inc. as quoted per project
  • Labor to complete project
  • Painting/Staining of all components
  • Electrical
  • Gutters
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Floor Finishing Materials
  • Planning Permission
  • Engineering (if applicable)
  • Moving of any utilities
  • Foundation/Footings
  • Flat work
  • Platform (if room is elevated)
  • Work done to existing house to receive an addition (ex. moving windows, doors, etc.)
  • Lot Dimensions/Setbacks (a set of original blueprints is very helpful)


You might have some ideas of what you want your sunroom or conservatory to look like and be used for, but you might need a little help with the design of your glass room. If you are a visual person and would like some drawings to assist with overall look of the sunroom or conservatory attached to your home, Lancaster Conservatories can provide preliminary shop drawings to help give you the overall appearance. Lancaster shop drawings include front elevation drawings and top view layout drawings with every important dimension relevant to building the sunroom or conservatory attached to your home.

If you are an architect designing a project for a client we can forward a CAD file of specific component details for your specifications. We can also assist in preliminary drawings to be incorporated into your overall design.


Lancaster Conservatories is committed to offering only the highest quality sunrooms, conservatories, and greenhouses available, starting with safety.  The Lancaster product line has been rigorously tested to withstand wind loads in excess of 225 mph and snow loads in excess of 70# per square foot. More importantly all tests were performed without failure of any components. In the event that planning permission requires an engineering stamp of approval one can be provided for a small fee.


When planning for a room addition it is necessary to determine a budget, or rough estimate of what you are planning to invest. We are unable to list completed project totals due to the diversity of regions in which we operate.

A starting point is to determine the value of the property you are planning to add on to. A good estimate of a room addition would be anywhere from 10-25% of the property value. This is a very wide price range but keep in mind that there are hundreds of price driving options that are available.

Return on Investment for Sunrooms and Conservatories:

There are statistics available showing return on investment calculations for sunroom and conservatory additions if you were to sell your home. Be careful when reading those articles as they assume you were selling the home within 1 year after project completion. It is important to ask yourself how long you will remain in the home after the addition is complete and what the enjoyment is worth to your family and friends.

The difference between Lancaster Sunrooms, Conservatories, and Greenhouses:

Sunroom Definition – Sunrooms are usually built with all season functionality in mind. Most often the walls incorporate a majority of glass with minimal framework, the roof is usually insulated, ultimately allowing for heating and cooling as needed. Most sunrooms are designed to be attached to the house and accessible through an opening from the main section of the house. The uses of a sunroom are limitless anything from a family room, a breakfast nook, a library, to a hot tub room, and everything in between.

Conservatory Definition – Conservatories are typically the upper echelon of room additions incorporating features such as ornate trim work, translucent roofs, and intricate architectural designs. Conservatories can be attached to a structure or left free standing. Because of the translucency of the roof, heating and cooling can be more difficult and are primarily 3 season additions.

Greenhouse Definition – Greenhouses have historically been used for growing plants and utilize natural ventilation for air flow. Temperature and humidity sensitive fans may also be used to generate additional air flow if necessary. Greenhouse structures are most commonly detached or separated from the house using an exterior door. The architectural detail is often much less than that of a conservatory or elegant sunroom.

Call Today:

We are here to help. Our job is to make sure the process goes smooth from start to finish. If you need help obtaining permits, laying out for footings, building the sunroom, flashing the roof, or anything else we are here to help. In addition to our excellent customer service you might appreciate our no pressure approach to working with clients.

Conservatories, Sunrooms, and Greenhouses by Lancaster Conservatories are designed for easy installation by a homeowner or builder