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Lancaster Conservatories is focused on designing and delivering Sun Rooms and Conservatory Rooms that are built around your individual preferences with every room being unique.

Turn Someday into Today

Originally designed in England as an elegant link between house and garden Lancaster hardwood conservatories, sunrooms and greenhouses have evolved into the favorite room in many homes. With over 30 combined years of experience, Lancaster Conservatories, Inc. has been designing and building conservatories, sunrooms, and greenhouses that are sure to combine your desires with our practical room assemblies.

Our Web site is a reflection of our company. Its here to spark your creativity, fuel your imagination, and to help turn your vision of a new living space someday into a reality today. Whether you are looking for a modest extension of your kitchen or an elegant custom conservatory our room design professionals are never more than just a phone call or e-mail away. When you're ready to discuss your project, we are here to help.

Lancaster Conservatoriess A Word on Conservatory Wood

Fine woods have been highly regarded as the pinnacle of home furnishing materials for hundreds of years and are a hallmark for Lancaster Conservatories and Sun rooms. Take a moment to glance around your home. Chances are you are surrounded by beautiful wood furnishings, everything from trim work, to end tables, and fine cabinetry, if so those items were probably selected based on how they would complement their surroundings.

All wood material used in our sunrooms and conservatories comes from federally regulated plantations where new trees are planted as mature trees are harvested. Our manufacturing process prides itself on their responsible use of timber and is ISO14001 certified. Wood is 100% renewable without mining minerals or depleting the ozone.

Lancaster Conservatoriess Lancaster Conservatories Mission Statement

"Our mission is to consistently expand our borders both geographically and through research and development, while delivering a product that exceeds customers expectations ultimately fulfilling our objective of becoming an industry leader and trusted business partner."

Conservatories, Sunrooms, and Greenhouses by Lancaster Conservatories are designed for easy installation by a homeowner or builder